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Residential Site Development

Shannon Valley have worked for the biggest property developers in Ireland undertaking projects of various sizes and levels of complexity. All the work is always safely completed to the highest standard and fully compliant to Building Control (Amendment) Regulations and Irish Water Code of Practice for Water and Wastewater Infrastructure. Out team of experts ensure that a full traceability is maintained to satisfy our Clients and Authorities requirements.

20+ of our excavators are fitted with GPS guidance technology giving the driver an accurate view of the machine’s current position on the X, Y & Z planes. The operator can make decisions based on very specific data, as opposed to relying on human judgement alone. The technology allows us to precisely excavate for house foundations saving time, labour cost and costs of materials such as concrete, aggregates and wastage. The GPS technology also allows the office-based Engineer continuous monitoring of the site in near real-time and swift preparation As-Built Documentation for the Handover of the contracted works.

Our in-house Health & Safety Department ensures continuing OHSAS 18001 accreditation and allows us to comfortably take the role of the project supervisor construction stage (PSCS) to manage and co-ordinate health and safety matters during the construction stage as needed.

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