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Drone Surveys

Shannon Valley have been granted permission from Irish Aviation Authority to use drones within Irish Airspace. The company can now carry out site surveys and inspections and aerial photography and cinematography. If you are looking for the highest quality aerial photos, video footage or survey, we can help.

The main advantages of this state-of-the-art UAV mapping technology:

  • Accuracy- we are able to generate 3d model within 5cm XYZ accuracy vs Ground Control Points- perfect for digging progress, no-vegetation large OGLs, stockpiles. We are able to produce point cloud, that can be imported to Civil3D as surface for future volumetric processing. We are also able to produce 2D geolocated orthophoto map (orthostatic) that can be attached to Civil3D as background reference – perfect for as-builts: area of tarmac, location of inspection covers, water meters, sluice valves, etc or to recover trench locations: able to see ducts in open trenches

  • Time- drone cuts down surveying time and enables to cover large areas in relatively short time while keeping earthwork-grade tolerances

  • Safety- we are able to survey inaccessible locations (quarry) and sites with difficult ground conditions (bog) with great detail of level changes

  • Transparency- we are able to put results on-line (2d and 3d) for Client to examine model/volumes

  • Traceability- we can fly each site at regular intervals to capture site progress (drainage progress, stockpiles, cut, fills, general site situation)

We can transform aerial photos of any plot of land into 2D plain map or 3D terrain model. If you want your site or property surveyed, photographed or video recorded by professional, insured and licensed company please talk to us. We guarantee a competitive prices and quick turnaround times (subject to obtaining permits and weather conditions).

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