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Controlled Demolition

The Shannon Valley has assembled a comprehensive array of demolition plant and equipment including excavators up to 75 tons, 28 meter Long Reach Excavators, Munchers, Pulverizes, Hydraulic Breakers, Shears, Electric Magnets, Dust Boss, Dust Suppression Units, Site Dumpers, Articulated Dump Trucks, Loading Shovels, Dozers, Screeners, Crushers and a fleet of GPS tracked Articulated/Rigid Trucks. The company has the ability to flatten any site using traditional means and has a vast wealth of demolition experience including projects involving the demolition of concrete structures both high and low rise, industrial units, processing plants, and listed buildings. Very often, the stability of a structure will change during the demolition process and as such, it is important that engineering solutions are developed to provide temporary support as a facilitator of safe demolition.


Before executing any demolition, the company’s staff always do intrusive surveys, to obtain a detailed understanding of the structure and any adjacent structures, prior to the commencement of the heavy plant demolition works on site. Our demolition experts will always engage with in-house engineers, in order to understand the nature of the structure and its environment. Listed structures require specialist care during the demolition process which includes site-specific engineering solutions.


Shannon Valley always selects a suitable site management team to oversee such projects to ensure that meticulous attention is paid to the project details and restrictions including the careful preservation and protection of all the listed elements and/or facades of the building and any adjoining / neighbouring structures. Bespoke demolition solutions that represent the safest, fastest and most cost-effective option for the client are then developed. This includes not only the dismantling method but it also includes the infrastructure requirements necessary to ensure compliance with latest regulations such as Health & Safety, Logistics, Waste Management, LEED Certification and Cranage.

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